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Innovative financial accounting

This is how you do bookkeeping today

Digital data processing of individual working procedures is being driven onwards in all areas of corporations. Even in financial accounting, the introduction of innovative processes and the use of networked IT systems are significantly reducing daily workloads and simultaneously generating additional information. This gives you time to take care of your core business.

In this key activity, we assist you with competence and the highest degree of accuracy. We ensure that your financial accounting systems meet the statutory requirements while being efficiently designed and preparing your figures for further analysis.



We offer you professional processing of all accounting components and their related areas. From our range of services, you can freely choose anything from a total package to pure controlling of the accounts you prepare.

We offer you bespoke accounting services that are tailored to meet your needs.


We explain how you can save valuable time using PKF WMS’s digital accounting system in this short video.

Accounting system/accounting software

You have the opportunity to use our accounting system at low cost and therefore save the licensing costs, maintenance costs and the maintenance periods that would be incurred by having your own system.

Using your personal access data, you can access all areas of your accounting at will anywhere in the world!

We would welcome the opportunity to make you a bespoke offer.

Interface connection

Contribute toward the reduction of your costs yourself and provide us with existing interface data. Our accounting system supports a number of interface formats. For instance, frequent outgoing invoices can be simply handed over as a file without having to print out or scan receipts.

We are happy to check your system for potential interface connections either on site or via remote access.

Digital exchange of receipts

You provide us with your receipts conveniently and paper-free via our document center. The original receipts can remain with you at your corporation so that you have access to them at any time. Time-consuming forward and backward sorting of the receipts in traditional accounting ring binders as well as the logistical expense (courier services) brought about by the transportation of the receipts are things of the past.

Incoming and outgoing invoices

We generate your monthly accounts payable and receivable (clients and suppliers) and prepare a meaningful list of outstanding items. 

If you would like to use this information for the payment of your suppliers, we can set up access to our payment and banking module for you (see payment traffic). This saves you having to enter the incoming and outgoing invoices once again in your banking program - and some time.

If you do not have a program to generate outgoing invoices, you can perform the billing of outgoing invoices via access to our accounting system.

Bank account statements

Via read rights and a secured connection, we can receive your bank account statements directly from your bank so that you don’t have to submit any account statements to us on paper or in digital form.

Cash accounting system

For the cash accounting system, we provide you with a cash ledger set up for you specifically, in which you can simply record the daily payments and withdrawals.

For large and complex cash accounting systems, we can use the existing interfaces of the cash system and transfer them to our accounting program (provided the interfaces are compatible). 

Payment traffic/bank transfers

Our accounting system can prepare client or supplier payments as a payment proposal list and transfer them to your banking program for payment.

If desired, we can set up access to our accounting system for you, which permits settlement of your entire payment traffic without you having to enter the items to be paid and received again in your banking program.

Payments within discount periods is easily possible via an automatically generated payment proposal list.

Using the modern banking module in our software you can also manage your current, savings and securities accounts, generate standing orders and call up current account balances.

If desired, we can assume responsibility for the entire settlement of your payment traffic and transact supplier payments or direct debits on your behalf.

The consequence: Large time savings because it dispenses with the duplicated entry of supplier invoices!

Dunning system

Through the prompt booking of outgoing invoices and bank accounts, it is possible to set up an integrated dunning system. Using a dunning list, overdue receivables can selected for the dunning process. Individually prepared dunning templates (multi-lingual versions also possible) mean that defaulting clients can be contacted using standardized correspondence.

The consequence: Shortening payment targets gives you liquidity advantages.

Through the co-operation with WMS Rechtsanwälte GbR, legal dunning letters can be prepared. Besides this, WMS attorneys can represent you at court.

Cost accounting

By setting up cost units/cost-unit accounting, we can prepare figures for you to make sound commercial analyses that can help you in your decision-making.

Business management analyses

Bespoke commercial analyses (BCAs) provide you with a sound overview of how your business is developing based on your accounting data.

If desired, together with you we can prepare a bespoke analysis for your corporation, which you receive monthly as part of the accounting system.

Using reports with illustrative charts that are tailored to your specific requirements we can provide you with a controlling tool for targeted analysis. 

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