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Tax returns

Place your trust in our expertise and experience for your tax returns. It is worthwhile for you!

For many taxpayers and corporations, their tax returns are an annually recurring nightmare. Obscure, lengthy forms and innumerable legislative changes every year – who can still make sense of it?

We help you to meet your statutory obligations and prepare tax returns for private persons and corporations. We give you tax structuring advice and give you specific recommendations on action to take. In the event of erroneous tax demands, we help you with appeals, amendment applications and, if necessary, lawsuits to help you assert your legal rights.



  • Income tax return, income tax advice
  • Corporation tax  
  • Trade and value-added tax  
  • Payroll tax assistance, employee counseling, income tax reduction, advertising costs
  • Inheritance tax returns, gift tax returns
  • Applications for deadline extensions
  • Communication with the inland revenue authorities
  • Checking the tax assessment for any differences vs. the tax return
  • Redress procedures against improper administrative acts relating to tax issues



  • Tax savings through exploitation of tax options
  • Security through compliance with tax law obligations
  • Recognition of and professional reaction to erroneous tax demands
  • Gain time and conserve business resources
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