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Physicians and healthcare professions

In order to offer you the greatest possible expertise, we have changed our internal organization and formed the PKF WMS MED Team. This team conglomerates our “know-how” in the medical professions, and we are expanding our knowledge and experience continuously. You therefore always have someone to contact who is expressly familiar and specifically trained in the relevant tax issues and special features of the medical professions.

As a free-of-charge service, we send you our PKF WMS MED Tax Memo which is published monthly. This informs you about about all the tax news from your sector in a simple and concise form. The current tax information and all previous editions can be downloaded from our information desk under PKF WMS MED Tax Memo.

Due to growing demand, we have increased staffing levels in our personnel management unit in order to be a capable partner for our clients even when it comes to personnel issues. For detailed information about this unit, click here.

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