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Tax structuring advice

Every commercially significant decision has consequences for taxation

Even decisions about private assets have repercussions for taxation. For this reason: Weigh up the taxation consequences before you make any important decision and look for tax-optimized alternatives. We are at hand to help you with our experience and expertise to help you with this difficult task.



  • Strategic tax management to reduce your tax burden
  • Verification of the tax consequences of upcoming decisions
  • Advice in relation to tax breaks and investment aid
  • Tax comparison / selection of legal form from a tax perspective
  • Tax advice on the design of articles of association
  • Planning and designing division of businesses and leasing of operations
  • Involvement in government tax audits
  • Advice on overseas investments
  • Investment strategies in the private sphere


  • You can optimize your tax burden using structures that are specifically tailored to meet your individual needs or those of your corporation.
  • Comparing alternative scenarios helps you to find the suitable solution.
  • Weighing up all personal, commercial and legal decision-making criteria leads to structures that are sustainable in the long term.
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