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Audit-related advice

As a result of the latest developments in legislation and the need for comprehensive company management systems, companies are facing ever greater challenges. In particular, the audit often results in further tasks and complex questions that have to be solved.

The experts at PKF WMS Group are happy to work with you and develop goal-driven and efficient approaches to solve solutions and help you meet the challenges you face.

We are at your disposal as a capable point of contact for the safeguarding and development of your corporation. We can bring know-how to bear that goes far beyond traditional consultancy services.

  • Risk early warning system
  • Rating
  • External audit
  • IT system check
  • Appraisal reports 

Internal control systems

The internal control system (ICS) of a corporation manages and monitors its accounting-relevant processes. The accuracy and correctness of the annual financial statements is largely ensured by the reliability of the ICS installed in the corporation. The auditor investigates the ICS implemented in the corporation and establishes its suitability and effectiveness. Due to the intensive use of IT to implement the ICS, the system check is partly designed as an IT system check. The system check covers outsourcing accounting-relevant processes and even includes the ICS of external service providers. The system check begins even before the balance sheet date.



  • Performance of a design audit for your internal control systems
  • Audit of the functionality of the installed internal control system
  • Highlighting of weak points


  • Simplification and manageability of processes
  • Assets protected against damage
  • Problems prevented by discovery of weak points in internal control system

Due diligence

Due diligence is an investigation that focuses on the corporate areas of finance, tax, law, environment and market with the objective of determining the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT).

Regardless of whether you buy or sell a corporation: Only a due diligence audit can identify and quantify the opportunities and risks for you with "due diligence".

Within the remit of a financial due diligence, specialists from the PKF WMS Group analyze the opportunities and risks of your investment proposal and assess the strengths and weaknesses of the respective target, while constantly keeping the legal situation and commercial setting in mind. The review of the relevant information takes place in collaboration with you and its scope and style is tailored to meet the needs of your transaction.



  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Tax Due Diligence
  • Legal Due Diligence
  • Assistance when selling a corporation
  • Scenario analyses


  • Meaningful analysis of the corporation to identify the key growth drivers and the critical factors for success
  • You obtain an objective basis to make decisions 
  • Tax optimization of the planned transaction
  • Rapid process design quick determination of potential deal breakers

Special audit

There are a number of circumstances and occasions when certification or attestation by an external assessor, usually an auditor, is required. Our PKF WMS Group specialists can conduct various special audits for you, as listed below for example.  

  • Auditing of capital increases or decreases
  • Auditing the forming of corporations
  • Post-formation audits
  • Auditing of particular processes in corporations
  • Auditing of management measures and changes in capital
  • Auditing and audit review of half-year reports and quarterly reports for listed corporations
  • Fraud audits
  • Audits in the event of reorganizations, specifically for mergers, spin-offs and contributions
  • Auditing due to undervaluation and a lack of information
  • Auditing of company agreements
  • Squeeze-out audits in accordance with Section § 327a of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG)
  • Audits in the event of liquidation, conciliation and insolvency proceedings
  • Auditing in accordance with the German Real Estate Agent and Commercial Construction Industry Ordinance (MaBV)
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