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Supplementary services

Should you have situations or occasions for which you need our support only in specific process phases, we would also be glad to assist you. For example, this can apply to the company valuation, the due diligence process or contractual negotiations.



We offer you assistance for a due diligence process, both on the buyer and the seller side.

On the seller side, we identify potential problem areas in advance, we assist you with the preparation of the data room and we coordinate the entire due diligence process.

On the buyer side, we analyze the opportunities and risks of your investment proposal and assess the strengths and/or weaknesses of the target. Our services include financial, tax and legal due diligence checks.



Reasons for a company valuation can be a company purchase or sale, the inclusion of a partner or the determination of asset values for inheritances, gifts or divorces. Take advantage of our expertise for:

  • a company valuation in accordance with the latest applicable assessment methods, depending on the occasion
  • a subjective review (buyer/ seller) or an objective review (expert third party)
  • the preparation of corporate planning accounts as a basis for the review
  • initial assessments and determination of requirements
  • evaluation reports and appraisal reports



Within the scope of a financial plan, we work with you to create a detailed plan that records, analyzes and plans all of the key financial aspects of your firm. In order to allow you to plan future investments, a financial plan always includes a capital requirements plan and a liquidity plan. We start with an analysis of the current situation and building on this we develop the plan of future income and expenses.

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