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Regal matters relating to co-habitation

Establishing a domestic partnership, be it married or unmarried, is probably one of the most important decisions in your life. The law primarily offers marriage as the basis for living together. Same-sex partners have the option of registered civil partnerships. Besides this, there is an increasing number of unmarried co-habiting couples.

Living together with other people gives rise to many questions that should be considered, for instance:

  • What happens with the shared and unshared assets?
  • Should assets (e.g. real property) be purchased jointly or solely and what are the taxation consequences?
  • Am I liable for the debts of my partner?
  • Will I be financially secure in later life
  • Am I entitled to payments in the event of illness or occupational disability or can I expect claims by my partner?
  • What rights and obligations due I have with regard to the children from our relationship?
  • What will happen in the event of separation?
  • What rights do I have in the event of death?
  • What applies in the case of an "international marriage"?

The answers to these questions can be very different depending on whether the partners live together as a married couple, a civil partnership or an unmarried couple. However, the law offers the opportunity to reach individual agreements and independently select the appropriate rules.

At the same time, this requires precise knowledge of the legal situation. The notary public can communicate this information as an impartial advisor and offer a reasonable and balanced contract. We help you to obtain a bespoke "legal framework" for your own personal needs.

But we are also the right people to speak to regarding relationships between parents and children, including questions of adoption: We will be pleased to help you.

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