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Receivables management

For entrepreneurs and freelancers

Outstanding debts damage your firm. Enforcing these claims ties up valuable company resources, costs time and therefore in turn money. We assist you with a fast, simple and efficient receivables management system, in which we no more neglect any process risks than your interest in a continuation of your business relationship with the debtor. Since we also assume responsibility for enforcing your claims at court, there is no additional delay. Unlike the classic "debt collection office", you receive from us a well-thought-out risk and client-oriented receivables management system from one provider.

Receivables management at PKF WMS Group:


  • provide you with preemptive support in the organization and design of your business ventures and contractual structures,
  • Examine the chance of pressing your claims successfully,
  • assume responsibility for the out-of-court dunning system,
  • If needed, we clarify the reason for the outstanding payments with the debtor,
  • negotiate and prepare installment contracts and admissions of fault,
  • obtain credit checks,
  • Conduct the in-court dunning process and, in the event of an appeal, and litigate the court proceedings.
  • initiate the enforcement proceedings on your behalf in the case of an effective title.
  • If necessary, press criminal charges of fraudulent inducement to contract on your behalf.
  • assume responsibility on your behalf for the lodging of claims in cases of insolvency.
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