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Project organization

There has been project organization ever since human beings have engaged in major joint undertakings. Neither military campaigns nor the construction of large buildings would be conceivable unless the people responsible for these projects had planned them in detail.

Project organization (or project management) describes the entirety of methods for the execution of projects.



  •  Assistance with project undertakings with respect to:
    • Preparation
    • Timing/ milestones
    • Responsibilities
    • Implementation
    • Controlling
    • Inspection
  • Coordination between the project partners
  • Ensuring acceptance for the project and transparency in the project
  • Project calculation/ project budget (costs, time)



  • Optimally planned projects, rule out co-incidence as a factor
  • The resources needed are available in the right place at the right time
  • Cost and timing transparency
  • Ongoing control prevents “project slippage”
  • Areas of responsibility enhance employees’ identification with the project
  • Scheduling milestones ensure the progress of the project
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