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Distribution law

For entrepreneurs, management executives and sales

We provide you with advice on all legal matters relating to selling your goods and services nationally and internationally. As a result of increasing globalization and a plethora of regulations, distribution law is becoming more important for the set-up and structure of your sales organization. We assist you with these complex processes - not only with the legal and fiscal design and application of corresponding distribution contracts, we also support you in pressing your claims both in and out of court.

Distribution law at PKF WMS Group:


  • prepare and check national and international distribution and co-operation contracts on your behalf.
  • advise and represent you, particularly in matters of commercial agents, authorized dealers, franchises, and license models.
  • assist you in the preparation and handling of corresponding commercial transactions.
  • safeguard your interests in contractual negotiations,
  • verify entitlements to compensation and commission and represent you in the pressing or repelling of corresponding claims.
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