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Horticulture is the overarching term for all professions that in any form deal with living plants and that do not count as traditional farming.

Enormous commercial importance is attributed to horticulture. Nearly every fourth euro received from the growing of plants in agriculture, stems from horticulture. Around 700,000 people are employed by horticulture firms that are largely small and medium-sized enterprises. This sector generate sales that on average are worth about € 78 billion.

Since these businesses rely on temporary labor, especially when things get busy (e.g. during the harvest), several hundred thousand foreign workers receive work permits every year so that they can help out at horticulture businesses for a few weeks or months. Typical crops include (organic) herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce or peppers, which are essentially marketed to Germany’s food retailers.

Besides the traditional matters, such as financial and payroll accounting as well as payroll tax and social insurance law (especially for seasonal workers), our core strengths also include giving tax structuring advice to agriculture and forestry-related horticulture businesses.

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