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Private Wealth Management

Using private wealth management apply ourselves to the matter of private financing.

Planning has been regarded as essential in the commercial sphere for decades. Put simply, planning achieves better results than aimless action. It is therefore nonetheless astounding that around 90% of all households manage their financial obligations without any planning.

As auditors and tax advisors, we are specialists in determining the value of assets and earnings. It therefore seems obvious to view your private household like a company. In precisely the same way, we take a detailed audit of your entire assets and income situation and incorporate a long-term budgetary account.



  • Controlling and assistance
  • Analysis and optimization of your assets structure
  • Implementation and support of jointly decided strategies
  • Analysis of investment results, discrepancies and optimization
  • Recommendations for action based on scenario, risk, performance and cost analyses
  • Bookkeeping and reporting
  • Performance of all administrative tasks associated with the assets (post, correspondence, auditing of invoices, statements, etc.)
  • Periodic, clear reports about the total assets



  • As a result of our profession, we are independent and obliged to objectivity
  • We do not sell financial products. Instead, we merely analyze the existing ones and identify any shortfalls in provisioning
  • Objective overview of your private assets and income situation
  • Financial security in future – particularly for the transition into retirement
  • Assistance with succession planning – your family is sufficiently safeguarded
  • Ongoing control and assistance with implementation
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