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Family-run enterprises

Family-run enterprises are a model for success. Many of these companies are marked out by their sustainable long-term outlook, their planning from one generation to the next and their above-average social commitment as well as their deep regional roots. This requires a corporate culture and strategy that is geared towards sustainability.

Such a strategic orientation requires a holistic advisory profile that firstly assists firms in fiscal and auditing matters, but also focuses on the needs of shareholders or the family.

Family-run enterprises are often different in terms of their executive management, as the CEOs are generally also the owners and the firm also represents the most important part of their assets. In addition, there is the close connection with other members of the family, their different interests, inclinations, characters, etc., especially in the private and professional spheres of family, company and property.

We ourselves are an owner-run enterprise. Advising family-run enterprises is therefore a natural and passionate business strategy for us. Using our holistic advisory services, we help you to focus on your firm and manage it successfully.

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