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Cost accounting and controlling

Would you like to increase transparency in your company?

You can solve this problem quickly with our assistance!

A corporation is a complex economic unit. Its management requires a range of skills that cannot be rendered by one person alone. The controlling, as a comprehensive management and co-ordination concept, supports the management team and the other executive positions in the management and control of the operational processes. The objective thereby is to safeguard and increase the firm’s assets.

Together with you, we develop a cost accounting system that is specifically tailored to meet the needs of your firm with integrated controlling solutions and assist you with its implementation and maintenance.



  • Fast and clear implementation of the cost accounting system 
  • Special classification options, e.g. relating to products, projects or orders
  • Implementation of individual billing and distribution systems
  • Implementation of a useful reporting system
  • Development of calculation systems (advance, interim and post calculation)
  • Assistance with the practical implementation
  • Ongoing maintenance and optimization of the cost accounting system
  • Together with you, we create the pre-requisites for an efficient controlling system 



  • Calculate, distribute, plan and manage costs optimally
  • Forms the basis for sustainable cost-cutting measures
  • Cost accounting system acts as a radar image for the future
  • Optimization of budgeting and calculating
  • Useful reporting system that can be interpreted
  • Improvement in rating by lending institutions or rating agencies
  • Optimal use of operational resources
  • Creates cost transparency, awareness and responsibility among employees
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