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Government tax audits

We assist you with experience and know-how

Even the most honest taxpayer breaks out into a cold sweat when the inland revenue announces that it intends to conduct a “tax audit"!

We assist you with all forms of external tax audit to the degree that you desire.



  • Following submission by the clients, verification, inspection and preparation of the documentation at our offices before the tax audit begins
  • Involvement with and support of the tax audit in our offices or at our clients’ premises
  • Statements and summaries of required documentation and provision of evidence to the tax auditor
  • Interim statements to clients
  • Phone calls, correspondence relating to and during the government tax audit
  • Conducting the final meeting with the tax auditor and if necessary with the head of department (if required also together with clients)
  • Verification of the report on the tax audit performed
  • Verification of any resulting changes to tax demands and notices of assessment


  • Professional support for the tax auditor creates a good working atmosphere
  • Access to innovative auditing models, particularly the timely audit
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