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Commercial & corporate law

For corporations and management executives

We provide you with advice on commercial & corporate law at every phase in your entrepreneurial activities, be it as an owner, shareholder, CEO or executive decision-maker. Particularly in the case of family-run enterprises, we are seeing a marked increase in the number of corporate transactions as a result of growing globalization and  generational change. With the context of these and other complex processes, we are assisting entrepreneurs and freelancers with the structuring of their contractual and taxation affairs.


  • prepare articles of association for you, advise you on the purchase/sale of firms, practices, and company shares (mergers & acquisitions - M&A),
  • Provide you with advice for all business decisions, e.g. "management buy-outs/ management buy-ins" (MBO/MBI),
  • help you in the preparation and execution of your commercial transactions,
  • support you in the preparation and execution of shareholder meetings.
  • clarify liability issues for owners, shareholders and management executives,
  • assist you in the event of a change of partners and the dissolution or liquidation of corporations - both as a mediator and a litigator,
  • assist you with changing the legal form of your company or restructuring it,
  • establish advisory boards and we are also available for positions on advisory boards.
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