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Civil & contract law

At work and in private life

In line with the motto, "it’s better to prevent an argument than fight", we help you to avoid legal disputes with far-sighted advice. If a dispute cannot be avoided, we will fight for your rights energetically. In this context, we focus on sale-of-goods law, tenancy law, leasing law, and works and services law as well as the law of general business terms and conditions.


  • provide you with information on your day-to-day civil law matters.
  • develop contracts for you that are tailored to meet your specific situation.
  • safeguard your interests in contractual negotiations.
  • we offer services, such as contractual management, contract controlling, receivables management (debt collection).
  • enforce your claims and ward off unjustified claims from third parties.
  • represent you before all German, district, state and superior courts.
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