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Utilizing the opportunities of the digitalization

Manage projects, develop corporate processes further, modernize systems, control risks, shape the future.

For 90 years, PKF WMS has been offering holistic advisory services for SMEs, entrepreneurs and freelancers. Topics such as digitalization, Industry 4.0 and compliance, pose ever new challenges to business life, but above all to the systems and processes installed in companies.

We responded to this by founding a specialized EDP / IT consulting company, PKF WMS IT Consulting GmbH, in order to offer professional and practice-oriented support in this future-oriented sector as well.

IT services

Besides first-class advice, we provide our clients and employees with the latest communications channels and services.

Data transfer fast and secure - IT services in the area of financial accounting

The transfer of data from clients to us represents a key point in this respect. Clients can scan their receipts using the digital booking assistants (Simba); the originals remain with clients and the electronic data can be sent to us.

In order to guarantee this data exchange takes place quickly, but with the security needed, clients can send us their receipts and other documents using the "Simba document center". Simultaneously, we can send evaluations back to clients using the same system.

Click here for more information on the digital data transfer system.


Help desk - always there when you need it

We can assume responsibility for maintenance tasks for the software programs of the DATEV, Simba and document center systems that our clients access via us. Our IT employees log into clients’ systems using a remote maintenance tool and can install any updates required. In the event of software problems too, this permits the help desk to look for bugs directly on behalf of our clients.

Already after the installation there is a comprehensive planning structure is on hand with commercially logical links between the profit and loss account, balance sheet and liquidity. Planning takes place based on previously imported financial accounting data. Automatic target/actual comparisons, best-case/ worst-case analyses as well as projections with individual customizable reports can be generated.

The Business Planner is the only software for liquidity planning; it was developed by a bank and can be used without being a client of the bank.

If you have any questions about the Business Planner, Matthias Upmeier would be glad to assist you.


Contractual management - IT services from the legal area

Effortlessly keeping an eye on every single contract requires a great administrative effort.

Implementing an IT-assisted contractual management system at our clients manages all of a firm’s contracts during their entire lifecycle, starting with the tendering/bidding phase, proceeding through the contract signing and ultimately ending with the contract termination.

Click here to find out more.


Modern means of communication for our employees

Internally, our employees can choose between various software programs to transfer knowledge effectively and comprehensively. All of our employees have a workplace with the latest technology available. Upon request, it is also possible to set a digital workplace.


Capable - efficient - practical - responsible …

... that is PKF WMS IT Consulting

As a part of the PKF WMS - Group, we aim to offer SMEs, entrepreneurs and freelancers the optimal professional support for their complex challenges in the IT environment to which they are accustomed. Our capable, experienced team is the partner that understands your requirements, speaks your language and leads your projects to success professionally and purposefully.

And of course, in relation to the clients and employees, our company also lives in accordance with the high standards of the PKF WMS - Group, as they are expressed in the mission statement “values, people, strategies”. A responsible approach to the challenges and projects facing our clients as well as treating our employees responsibly is daily common practice for us.

Our range of services

… this is how we make all the difference when advising SMEs in the IT sector.

Our portfolio of services ranges from strategic management and organizational advice, and assistance with the selection and implementation of IT application systems of any type, project management, IT security and IT compliance offers, coaching and training sessions through to solutions for the provision of innovative cloud services and bespoke infrastructure and process services.

Our team

Experienced - multifaceted - innovative - pragmatic …

… our team of senior advisors, analysts, project management and IT technical experts.

We bring together many years of strategic tactical and operational management experience from various industrial and service sectors with practical expertise in the management and implementation of the widest possible range of IT projects of all sizes and with the technical expertise of IT specialists in a well co-ordinated team.

We do not sell either software or hardware. Together with our clients, we instead focus on finding and developing solutions without commercial or technical bias that help the client’s firm to create competitive edge in their respective market and to maintain and expand these advantages.

For virtually all of the requirements that digital transformation may present, our extensive network and our longstanding anchoring in the area of IT sectors means that we can offer solutions and service providers for our client’s projects that are comprehensive, fast, reliable and cost-conscious.

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