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Marital crisis, separation, divorce - which legal aspects should be considered?

“Till death do you part…” - This familiar vow, often undertaken in matrimonial ceremonies, unfortunately no longer matches reality in many marriages. […]


PKF Worldwide Tax Update Q2 2018

In this second quarterly issue for 2018, the PKF Worldwide Tax Update newsletter brings together notable tax changes and amendments from around the […]


Tax compliance and tax-risk management for small and medium-sized enterprises

Due to a tightening of case law, administrative practice and legislation, the tax situation of corporations has been subject to constant change for […]


Individual companies – tricky in event of inheritance!

Serious problems often arise when individual companies are bequeathed, which in the worst case lead to the break-up of the firm. Why is that?



PKF Worldwide Tax Update Q1 2018

In this first 2018 quarterly issue, the PKF Worldwide Tax Update newsletter again brings together notable tax changes and amendments from around the […]


UK/EU - HMRC issues revised guidance on holding companies

Following the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) decision in the joint cases Larentia +Minerva and Marenave, HMRC has reviewed its policy […]


Belgium - Monthly VAT prepayments to cease from 1 April 2017

From 1 April 2017, businesses that submit quarterly VAT returns are no longer required to make monthly VAT prepayments. This was announced by the […]


UK/EU - Cultural services VAT exemption - British Film Institute

The CJEU decision in the British Film Institute (BFI) case will disappoint many charities and some non-profit making bodies who were hopeful that the […]


Romania – VAT deduction related to acquisitions from taxpayers with cancelled VAT registration number

Prior to January 2017, suppliers whose VAT numbers were cancelled (due to various reasons provided in the VAT legislation) had the obligation to […]


UK - VAT treatment of temporary workers – Upper Tribunal decision

The long awaited Upper Tribunal (UT) decision in the case of Adecco and others (Adecco) was recently published. The decision will be of importance for […]

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