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Quality creates trust

PKF WMS quality management - in accordance with ISO 9001:2015

We started dealing with the topic of quality management many years ago and ever since then we have participated in annual external DQS audits. Why do we do this? This question is easy to answer:

Our client relationships are based on the trust that clients place in the quality of our work and in our firm. As a continually growing firm, we have to consistently ensure that the processes function faultlessly for our clients and that the professionalism of our company is guaranteed in all departments. This poses a major challenge to the corporate organization particularly when firms are growing because only a strong corporate structure can guarantee high levels of end-to-end quality.

The basis for a good quality management system has to be created to achieve this: Targets must be set and processes defined. We continually build our processes on this basis and adjust them both to structural changes in the firm (e.g. growth) as well as to external changes.

Periodic audits help us to improve our processes and structures and thus the quality of our work continuously – for we have set ourselves the task of providing a high standard of quality.

Auditing unit

For auditors and auditing companies a periodic external quality check (peer review) is required by law every 6 years. The audit is thereby verified by an expert from another company in the same sector. The independence of the auditor and the subject of the audit is safeguarded by selecting an external company as the auditor.

In order to live up to our demand for high quality, we conduct an external quality check every three years.

Optimizing our processes in the individual specialist units is part of our daily work.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions or requests.

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