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Guarantee extensions and their tax treatment

In the fierce competition for customer satisfaction, retailers attempt to constantly adjust to meet the sometimes changing wishes of customers. The […]


Hard Brexit – What you need to pay attention to in the worst case

On 6.9.2019, the UK’s lower house of Parliament passed a law aimed at preventing a no-deal Brexit on 31.10.2019. Under this Act, if the Prime Minister […]


Working time account models for the organs of corporations – New recognition guidelines from the Federal Ministry of Finance

Up to now, the fiscal authority has not recognised, for payroll tax purposes, agreements on time accounts for employees who have also been appointed […]


PKF Worldwide Tax Update

In this 2019 fourth quarterly issue, the PKF Worldwide Tax Update newsletter brings together notable tax changes and amendments from around the world, […]


Tax incentive scheme for research and development

The German Federal Cabinet has adopted a draft law on the introduction of a tax incentive scheme for research and development (R&D). There are plans […]


New Federal Ministry of Finance circular on the obligation to keep records and maintain a cash register

The German Act for the Protection Against Manipulation of Digital Basic Records, from 22.12.2016, (the so-called “2016 Cash Register Act”) led to the […]


No accrual of leave entitlements

Since the judgements of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) on the transferability and expiry of leave entitlements, new obligations have arisen for […]


Survivors’ pensions – Age limit of 62 in “late marriage clauses”

Besides old-age and disability insurance benefits for their employees, the retirement schemes of many companies also provide for survivors’ pensions. […]


Foreign currency conversion – Draft German Amendment Accounting Standard 10 for changes to German Accounting Standard 25

The translation of foreign currencies for consolidated financial statements as of 1.1.2019 has been regulated in the German Accounting Standard No. 25 […]


E-tax balance sheet – Taxonomy 6.3 is ready

Since 2012, companies that prepare accounts (e.g. all corporations) have been obliged to send their accounts electronically to the local tax office. […]

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