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Large-scale project planning – the construction of a logistics centre

When planning large-scale projects - such as the construction of a logistics centre -, besides structural engineering and logistical aspects etc., […]


M&A in times of crisis – Current trends and challenges in respect of corporate transactions

A pandemic, war and inflation – over the past months, these crises and the resulting effects have severely stifled the previously booming M&A market. […]


Implementation of ESG standards at DAX companies

The adoption of the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) and its specification in the European Sustainability Reporting Standards […]


Shareholders’/Partners’ information and control rights

Minority shareholders/partners, in particular, and/or shareholders/partners not authorised to manage a company frequently have only a limited amount […]


Netflix and Spotify – Price-adjustment clauses are ineffective

In their terms and conditions of use, streaming services such as Netflix and Spotify have granted themselves the right to adjust their prices from […]


Government funding and tax breaks for electric vehicles from 2024 – an overview

In 2024, the German government will continue to make funds available for electromobility, although the level of the funding will be below that of […]


EU Commission presents SME Relief Package

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are a key driver of Europe’s green and digital transitions. For this reason, the EU Commission wants to […]


Payroll tax deductions when staff are deployed across borders

In the global workplace, and against the backdrop of the current worldwide skills shortage, staff are increasingly being deployed across borders. When […]


Taxation of free-float dividends

Dividend income or profit distributions that a corporation receives from its shareholding in another corporation are generally exempt from corporation […]


Acquisition of the family home – Extent of inheritance tax concession under review

In accordance with the provision of Section 13(1) no. 4c sentence 1 of the Inheritance Tax Act (Erbschaft­steuergesetz, ErbStG), upon succeeding into […]

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