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Too high a VAT amount stated on invoices to final consumers – The new regulations

Up to now, under Section 14c (1) of the VAT Act (Umsatzsteuergesetz, UstG), businesses have been obliged to pay VAT to their local tax offices even in […]


Private real estate sales in the context of succession cases and own-use

Recently, a number of new court rulings with respect to private sales transactions involving real estate were disclosed. The courts ruled on whether […]


Sale of partnership interests – Earn-out payments only have to be taxed when they are received

When stakes in a partnership are sold, besides a fixed purchase price, the contracting parties sometimes also agree variable purchase price components […]


German Growth Opportunities Act ‘lite’ - What has remained?

In the following section we provide an overview of the amendments made to the Growth Opportunities Act within the framework of the outcomes agreed as […]


No VAT on students’ cake sales

From 2025, Germany’s public sector will also be generally subject to VAT. This will affect, among others, schools and day nurseries. The Finance […]


Protection against the loss of tax revenues caused by cross-border arrangements

The different tax treatment of a situation in two disparate states can lead to the creation of structures that induce undertaxation. In 2021 already, […]


Changes related to electricity tax relief from 2024

Through the 2024 German Budget Financing Act, which came into force on 1.1.2024, lawmakers approved changes related to the electricity tax and […]


Real estate tax – Subsequent determination of assessed value and updating the value

Real estate owners had until 31.1.2023 to submit a real estate tax return as at the date of the main assessment of 1.2.2022. The reassessed real […]


Tax-neutral transfers between affiliated partnerships

Section 6(5) sentence 3 of the Income Tax Act (Einkommenssteuergesetz, EStG) legally specifies that in the case of the transfer of an asset between […]


Moving house for a better home office – Relocation costs could be tax deductible

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many professionals with small homes realised that as a result of working from home they suddenly had a need for […]

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